I’m plying my marketing skills to find a job that satisfies my ambitions toward software development.

I’m currently spending all my time on these things (in order of time used):

  • Delivering Whirlpool appliances to give my family a better life, save for a house, and pay off debts
  • Taking some miscellaneous free online courses to prove what I already know
  • Maintaining a toddler as he slowly becomes a voting citizen
  • Reading a small library of content to learn the full breadth of CS, most of it through this site
  • Sporadically blogging on this site when the inspiration hits me
  • Devoting most extra energy toward writing another book

To stay focused, I usually say no to requests unrelated to the above list. I wish I could do more, but life is too short to do everything I want!

I care for truth and values more than money or reputation, so please appeal to those standards.

One of my favorite hobbies is networking. Feel free to contact me with your preferred medium of social expression.

If my activities change, I try to remember to update this page. The last update was January 15th, 2019.

This page is part of the /now movement. It keeps me accountable to the public and reminds me of next steps to quash lofty and impractical ambitions.