About This Blog

One day a crazy, outspoken, overly ambitious good-looking geek was in New York working on an organic farm. We’ll call him Greg. He messaged a dark-skinned beauty of a woman that lived with her mom at the time back in his home region of California. Her name for this story is Vicky. Until then, the two had not known each other outside of a few wayward church events they both coincided attending.

Over the next few weeks the two got to know each other rapidly through constant communication. After Vicky overheard a particularly brutal mistreatment by one of Greg’s language-deficient roommate-coworkers, she gave a bold encouragement to him that inspired him to keep going.

When he was done with his work in New York, Greg decided to drive back to California to chase this Vicky person. For a week and a half, the 3,000+ miles were passed by their discussion about absolutely everything under the sun.

Upon returning to California, Greg was able to pick up work, and from there they both started dating.

The events that transpired from that story are real, and the names have been kept the same for everyone’s lack of needing privacy.

This is the story that comes from that story…