About This Blog

So who are you?
    I’m a pathologically philosophical guy with a penchant for condensed information married to a similar-enough wife that we are capable of reproducing. You’re looking at the feed of personal life being posted to a blog. My professional achievements and Christian ministry mostly live here
Are you other places on the Internet?
What about your wife? Does she Internet?
So why “the Philosopher Accountant”?
    I love philosophy and I love accounting. Philosophy alone risks moving into the realm of abstract uselessness and accounting can lead to an obsession with endless worthless minutiae, so I try to marry the two.
Are you still developing the Philosopher Accountant?
    Not the tips, but I’m moving into writing books, and will probably work with other media in the future.
So what are you up to these days?
    I keep my /now page up to date as frequently as I can remember, and I show the interesting parts of my personal life through this blog.
Do you have a mission statement or life’s purpose at all?
    Funny you asked! I certainly do:

  • Knowledge is power, but wisdom is focus. My purpose for knowing anything is to apply it, and I will set myself to all efforts with a single-minded purpose.
  • Principle-based non-consequentialist living is the only way I can guide my actions, and passions and desires are subordinate to values.
  • All experiences have useful data, and I will aspire towards awareness of the truths contained in data.
  • Everyone is responsible for their own happiness, and I aspire to the Hedonists’ philosophy of causing the greatest possible happiness in myself and others around me.
  • For every task or issue, I will abide by the Stoic philosophy of either doing something about it or relinquishing control of it to God and others. I will never wish for a past thing or dwell upon an unlikely hope.
  • When failure happens I will take corrective action to avoid repeating the failure, and then will promptly move on from it.
  • In alignment with rationalism, I intend to use every resource to cause the greatest spiritual and non-physical gain.
  • Who I know is more important than what I know, and it is my responsibility to be an effective communicator and focused listener.
  • In my work, I will always maintain a professional and dignified composure, and will treat everything I do as a binding contract.
  • As a leader, my first responsibility is to my household, then to those in my charge, and finally to everyone else.
  • As a Christ follower, my life’s purpose is best fulfilled through serving others, but it can only come from an overflowing desire for their best interests grounded in love.
  • I work hard to play hard, and the art of enjoying and reaping of what the work has sown is as important to me as the art of work.
  • All of this is for the purpose of following God, and I will conduct deep personal audits of all of the above on a consistent basis to ensure I’m growing correctly towards Him.
  • I also keep a Personal User Manual that describes how I work.