My Mission Statement

  • Knowledge is power, but wisdom is focus. I only wish to know what I can apply.
  • Passions and desires should be subordinate to values. Though pure non-consequentialism is impossible in this world, it’s the only reliable source of consistency.
  • Data shows truths, but mostly through its narrative. Most popular data devotes itself to proving a narrative over discovering it.
  • Happiness is an individual choice. I desire collective long-term happiness but will use boundaries if others insist against it. No matter what, I can always choose to maintain my composure.
  • I will either do something about every issue or thought or relinquish any control of it. Unlikely hopes, past events, and irreconcilable conflicts have no value beyond analysis.
  • I will fail. I will force myself to accept it as soon as it happens, then force myself to move on.
  • The most valuable things in life are invisible. All physical resources must serve those ends.
  • Everything I promise is a binding contract.
  • As a follower of Jesus Christ, I find purpose solely by serving others from a desire for others’ best interests, also known as love.
  • I work and play hard. Enjoying and reaping is as crucial to life as toiling and sowing.
  • My entire purpose is to follow God. I must consistently conduct thorough personal audits of the above stated to ensure I’m growing correctly.

I also keep a Personal User Manual which describes the mechanics of how I work.