Moving Home

One of the funnier components of living is how we often prioritize things we want and devote our lives to attain them. By the time we get near them, we’re reconsidering their value. As we cross the finish line, we discover we were pursuing hopeless pettiness.

My heart had been set on migrating my website to independent hosting for a long time. For you patient folks, five years seems like a puff of bad KFC on a cold winter’s night but for me it felt like torture in obsessively-compulsively hawing to make up for my hemming.

I have finally done it. I was fearful of the whirlwind I would have reaped in my natural ability to find new and exciting ways to break simple things, but I now have a new unpolished site that’ll be my proper homepage for my random crap I make.

This bodes an unsettling new chapter in my life. A web hosting platform gives me freedom to fail in new and spectacular ways and gives me new and wonderful chances to fail. I have single-page website ideas coming out of my ears, and Iowa is the perfect place to make those corny ideas come to fruition!

Beyond that, what else can I say? I’ve realized that privacy, while overrated, is the default when you realize how little anyone really cares about your thoughts. If anyone wants to make a difference in this world, they should first shut up to be sure they have something worthwhile to add to the narrative. (Proverbs 17:27-28)