Stucky Family v2.7 Release Notes

After deliberatively contemplating the natural existential crisis fitting for most rapid employment shifts, I’ve been able to quell my anxiety far enough that I have a job offer lined up. And this time, it’s personal(ly a passion of mine).

However, though I want to start a week ago, bureaucrats have different ideas (nothing against them, they’re just different). They want to make sure every portion of my existence is bereft of criminality. Philosophical reality of sin nature aside, I’ll endure it for the promise of a consistent source of representative computer data that everyone finds so important.

In other news, things are fantastic! My Hammy Mayonnaise and I have been breaking free from the idiotic upbringing perfectly immaculate guidance our mini-us’s grandparents provided. My Gumdropper Doodle has discovered the inadequacies of shame, pointlessness of blame, and is finding plenty of utility in analytically finding fault without that pesky shame or blame to cloud the senses.

Pretty soon, we’ll be cleaning up with a tidy loss on a business venture that utilizes my Funny Money’s most legal talents and my crippling savant obsessions. More news as we fail!