Cleaning Up & Moving On

My family, as you may have guessed, needs to survive. This survival requires numerous objects like food, shelter, and internet.

Unfortunately, things like food and paper products don’t grow on trees. We have to pretend to trade things by rubbing a piece of plastic through a block. If the complicated light array displays a readout that implies a number on a distant computer server exceeds the number connected to the added arbitrary amounts defined by the organization with the block, we get to walk out of there with both the things we wanted and the convenience of not having to run from a man in a blue suit.

This sophisticated arrangement is called “buying things”, and it’s apparently normal to do it that way these days. I’m supposed to spend time somewhere else doing things that people want in exchange for them increasing that number in the computer server by a negotiated amount.

However, I like doing some things more than other things. Most people call that preference a “career”. I want to change my career from hauling large expensive objects that automate boring human tasks to changing information in small expensive objects that automate other boring human tasks.

From the outside, going from “truck driver” to “IT” appears like a shift, and that’s why my narrative-crafting requires an intermediary entry-level job to prove I’m adequately competent before they trust me with anything legitimate.

Therefore, I’m going into tech support, where I tell befuddled individuals with less experience working with the logical task automation devices how to perform a variety of essential diagnostics, such as:

  • Try to turn it off, then turn it on again
  • Check that the power plug is firmly and securely plugged in
  • Did you turn the screen on?
  • Was your PC recently submerged in a bathtub or are you underwater right now?
  • Have you removed all eels from your hovercraft?

However, it gives me the opportunity to prove that I know computers, which will likely lead to more promising opportunities to ensure an adequate means of exchange for both food and shelter.

By the way, I’m currently looking and eager to prove my worth, so hit me up if you want tons of competence and ambition with no proven work experience


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