Truck Stopped

Since I’ve been stuck waiting for my next load for a bit more than 24 hours, I figured I’d debrief everyone on what has been happening.

I have to fight the temptation to say “not much.” The never-ending slew of new experiences makes all aspects of the truck driving career an opportunity to talk. However, I guess the best 4-word summation of “how’s it going?” would best be “A lot happening, yo.”

I guess in no particular order, I will proceed to list everything going on right now.

1: I’m Writing A Book

Books are apparently still trending, and they still serve more than a decorative function. Because I took so much time making my 100,000 Tips, I figured it would be a fun experiment to put pen to paper again finger to keyboard again and express the ideas in a more publishable format.

This project is very slow-moving since I refuse to write on it unless I am in a great mood. Nobody wants to read a self-help book with the following:

The secret to happiness is to learn to get over your stupid, petty lives. All we ever do is gripe about everything, and I’m sick of it. Why don’t you shape up and try to not be a drain on the world around you?

Also, make sure to brush your teeth before they rot out of your face.

I know there are books like that out there, but it seems like something that would take a long time to get through.

Also, I remember The Oatmeal writing about creativity being a bit like breathing, and I would be amiss if I didn’t practice what I’ve preached.

Thankfully, I don’t have a publisher, there are no hard deadlines, and I’m about 80% through Section 1 of 14 so far.

2: The Road Is Rounding Me Out

If you stay out on the road long enough, you will become part asphalt and part concrete.

The “culture” of the road is unrelenting. There is no room for uncertainty, there is no grace for failing, and any mistake can create severe difficulty ranging from being stuck in a ditch to having to drive another 20 miles.

A corrective action to fix a mistake doesn’t guarantee that that mistake will be resolved. Sometimes, if that correction is done incorrectly, you’ll be left with twice the headache as before!

I’ve finally started adapting the lifestyle of long-haul truck driving, and the reality is that I’ve lost most of my obsession with what others think in the process.

3: I Have Literally Nothing To Complain About

Sure, there are inconveniences that my Wummy Gumplers and I are struggling with, and yesterday was a lame second-year anniversary. However, when it’s time to do nothing but wait for future endeavors to start playing themselves out, it would be a crime to whine about it, especially when Mike Rowe has predicted the end of the world after this weekend.