A Rigged Situation

A Rigged Situation

As you may well be aware, my ability to spend time with my Shoober Noodles and Peanut is a bit constrained these days. Right now I’m learning a new definition of cold in the distant land of Montana while she is living life more liberally in California. If you have OCD, enjoy: that photo is what happens when you drive through lots of filthy, filthy snow.

We are both doing well, except that it seems every other day for me is a radical new experience. In the past few weeks, I have endured a blizzard with a full truck load, backed into the smallest little podunk bays you can imagine, had a fiasco with my tire chains, had 2 trailer landing gears break on me, blew a tire and have learned the true meaning of friendship.

The last one I made up, but at this point I’m not sure what else is coming.

When I’ve been off the clock and not doing something related to the trucker’s lifestyle, I’ve been able to focus more keenly on writing. I’m currently about to release another book once my Clumpy Litters finishes editing it. This one will be the first part of what will likely be a 15-book series called “How To Be Good Enough”, closely based on the 100,000 Tips I shamelessly promote every chance I can get.

It has been almost a month since I’ve last seen my Funky Trippers, and I miss her deeply. I also miss Watermelon, and he’s getting more capable at doing that “human being” thing that we’re all used to. Since I’ve been gone, my Whammy Squishers has gotten a kitty. The theory is that it’ll be a good mouse deterrent, since the sieve we currently call a home has holes on the sides as well. Though they serve a very useful aerodynamic element to our motif and teach us the invaluable lessons that only blankets can comfort us about, rodents like to wander around inside our wheeled home and wreak havoc.

However, I’m husting my bump to get us out of this situation. Swift has a Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum/Diamond rating scale, with all of them attainable at the beginning and Diamond only coming after 30 months of continuous Platinum. Even with all of my setbacks, apparently I’ve done such a good job that I’ve become a Platinum Driver.

Just yesterday I was able to confirm that I’m transferring to flatbed trucking. For those of you who don’t know the industry (probably 94% of you) flatbed pays a little better but is a bit harder work with all the tying down and irregular loads and whatnot. However, it takes less time to load and unload, and that means less waiting time, meaning more driving time, meaning more money, meaning less dying of starvation.

So yeah, I’m still around, but not as frequent on my updates. Check out my YouTube channel for the latest on me or Honey Stickers’ Facebook page for the latest on her.

Though I am determined to get those books written.