Since I’m so cool and hip with it, I decided to read up on net neutrality over this Thanksigiving weekend. I’ve left a more in-depth analysis here and one specifically for Christians here, but on a personal note this has changed a lot of how I’ve thought of the Internet.

If you’re around my under-30-ish age range, you’ll probably agree with me that the Net has been a large part of at least the latter end of your life up until now. Obviously your cat videos, fail images, memes and other haberdashery have contributed a significant collective experience to your otherwise historically consistent life.

However, imagine if that changed and the Internet stopped being a mish-mash of information and instead became an trained algorithm-run feed of content specifically meant to satisfy you and make you happy enough to keep coming back for more but not happy enough to ditch the whole social media thing altogether.

This is the future of the Internet, at least the way that a number of the people who helped invent it believe. Soon, it will become a relic of the free open-range information archive that we’ve become accustomed to.

This certainty isn’t just because the computer geeks said so. It’s also because as a Christian I know the end times are coming someday. To get everyone unified against the Christians and Jews the way that Revelation speaks of it, the powers that be need to do a much better job on clamping down those free expressions of thought. The easiest way is through a misdirecting algorithm to keep those pesky free-spirited individuals from getting too much exposure.

In light of this, I’ve repackaged the 3 websites to reflect that, and you can see the results of it by looking to your left (and probably scrolling up).

This isn’t really meant to scare you, just to inform. Obviously God saw this was going to happen, and the very back end of Revelation makes it quite clear that everything in history is going to get wiped out and society will get rebooted, so no harm no foul, right?


Increasingly Thankful

My Sniffly Peppers and I have experienced quite a lot in the past few weeks! Since we’re now dead in the middle of the Christmsgiving season, it’s a great time for us to share about everything we’re thankful for:

Thankful for God’s Providing

Up until recently, we have been suffering the results of what happens when a single-income household suffers the loss of one of the main family member’s incomes. In all of this, the Lord hasn’t failed at anything, even when we started watering down our water to save on the water bill.

Thankful for Family Reconciliation

Like weed at a Bob Marley concert, the conflict with my parents disappeared almost overnight. We are spending Thanksgiving with them in a way that doesn’t involve mean words, knives, restraining orders or dead pets. Not much can be said about my Gummy Badgers’ family, but miracles aren’t worth waiting for.

Thankful for Work

As much as writing is intriguing and tasty to me, it also pays very little without the time it takes to build up a reputation. Therefore, when UPS calls me up through a completely different placement agency to give me precisely the same job, it’s clearly God at work.

Thankful for a Career Trajectory

The Army is still on my mind, and I have been deliberating truck driving as a great excuse to get to hearing audio-books of all the classic novels I need to read before I can feel safe at making The Most Amazing Book Anyone Ever Wrote Ever. Once I’m done stomping out fires as a supervisor, I intend to get paid the exact same amount sitting on my butt making sure the cruise control works. In the meantime, I still intend on dropping the last 45 lbs to get me into the most efficient government job possible.

Thankful for a Meaningful Hobby

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, and it’s my own personal ambition to turn the Philosopher Accountant, this site and Profiting Much into much more meaningful websites. It’s going to take a ton of work and might not pay out, but it’s a far shot better than getting a world record for “Most Hours Played on SimCity”!

Thankful the Potato is Growing

Our little Kiwi is getting larger and more coherent, and the sin condition inherent in him has started to surface. As language skills develop, screaming at the top of his lungs won’t be as much of a rational option, and we get to move to the next stages of child-rearing: good boundaries.

We are completely unprepared, and we’re thankful that we’re so oblivious about what we’re oblivious about.

An Overstimulating Discussion

As you may know by now, my Wummy Tribbles and I have been raising a small Melon. This small person has a plethora of needs that both fascinate and confound us. Most of those needs are rather easy to resolve (the needs for holding, attention, keys being dangled, etc.) but some of those have this nasty habit of requiring that fiat currency that’s all the rage.

By God’s grace, my Yucky Grippers and I have never been in severe need. Even when the fiat currency isn’t around and the digital representation of it becomes a negative number, somehow the Lord gives us what we need at precisely the right time.

This timing is no different, and we are at a place where we won’t have phone/internet access by the 19th, presuming God doesn’t do something. Seeing as how we’ve been surviving and, dare I say, occasionally thriving since last December with nary a consistent non-temp job that pays the aforementioned fiat currency, I’m sure God might find it a small endeavor to hook us up some fiat green from His rather lavish and amazing Kingdom.

In light of a flat fiat account, I’ve stumbled across a fascinating realization, which my Krumbly Numbly can testify to. For some reason, Christians in the USA have a very strange definition of the virtue of work.

Very often, the secular American virtue of work is “you are working if you make money”. This is far from a Christian viewpoint, but the Christian subconscious proverb seems to be something like “you are working if you are either making money or in professional ministry”. However, not all ministry is done by professional ministers, and true ministry is devotion to service of others for the sake of God’s will.

Eight days ago I received a call from God to take my experience wandering through the barnacle-encrusted deserts of life overcoming my unofficially diagnosed autism through 53.5 major life mistakes and write a guide book for the younger people with autism of some sort that want to integrate into society at large.

After boatloads of spiritual warfare and multiple sleepless nights, I’ve finally created the book and published it as How to Stop Looking Autistic. If you float on the spectrum somewhere or know someone likely autistic, this should fill in the blanks about your/their failings to capture the public’s good graces. It’s made for people on the spectrum, so it’s a bit more data-heavy and a bit more direct.

This book took a lot out of me, which is why I’m writing like I got a discount cyborg implant right now. I had to dive deep into my past to recall the expectations I at the time unknowingly failed, reconcile the past memories of failure that I was completely unprepared for, and confront the shame brought upon me by parents that never acknowledged that I had special needs out of their own desire for lazy parenting.

Since I end up being tethered between two worlds as a spectrum spy in the neurotypical base, I soon plan on making a related book, How to Start Looking at Autistics, but I first have to market this one to enable my family to eat, pay bills and not die.

So help out and tell your friends!