Do What Works

A week ago, my Shambler Snuffers and I were brought a new blessing through my gainful consistent employment at UPS. Since then it has been a flurry of activity on our end from the mixed additional job of weed abatement that the property owner here has tasked me with.

Thankfully, only one of these jobs has a pretty steep learning curve. One of them involves me putting out fires regarding dispatching UPS drivers and the other involves me driving a tractor over a flat surface. I’ll have you guess which one.

Farming Tip: Make up songs in your head to pass the time while doing anything farm-related. It’s especially useful when you’ve bored of hearing every song that exists.

The job at UPS has been God-sent, but it hasn’t been without its unique challenges respective to our current situation. The most profound challenge has been in being able to pay for gas!

To quote Proverbs, “a rich man’s wealth is his stronghold, but a poor man’s poverty is his ruin”. Obviously working at a job is a great thing, but the whole act of commuting, paying bills, etcetera is typically paid with the previous paycheck, which was December 2nd of last year. By God’s grace, several dozen people along with Venture Church Beaumont have been more than generous in providing for our needs.

Pro Tip: The difference between someone in need and a mooch is that a mooch stays in need after the need has been fulfilled, and then sucks the life out of you after that.

This financial difficulty has been the cause of untold grief on my Gummy Wimpers’ end. About once every other day we bicker about it discuss in strong terminology about the minutiae of financial hardship.

The truth is that God permits this sort of thing to happen. For the both of us, it’s been a strong exercise in humility, since we both were raised by prideful families that believe that receiving something is akin to getting punched in the face.

However, when you really think about it, isn’t that a bit stupid? You’re breathing God’s air, eating His food, live on His property and are reading this using technology made from His raw materials. To believe we shouldn’t receive is a form of silly shortsightedness that gets us all in a boatload of spiritual trouble.

Conceit Tip: The best way to stay self-absorbed is to avoid anything that glorifies others. Between becoming a professional (something) and a stout atheism you’ll have most of your bases covered.

Of course, this barbershop quartet of pain wouldn’t be complete without the sharp falsetto of a small person’s crying. Babies do cry, but self-esteem issues and a brood of anti-social tendencies yields a lonely and mentally unstable Dippy Lippers. My Y chromosome happens to possess many benefits (lifting big things, tenaciously driven, good-looking all year round, etc) but one downside is that it inhibits my ability to relate on a feminine level.

Nevertheless, we press on. As long as nobody dies, we’ll all survive. Nietzsche once famously said “that which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”, but all philosophers talk of “the good life” as a wonderful cascade of joy with suffering, happiness with tragedy, love with loss, and we are simply rolling out of a turbulent season into a different kind of turbulence.

Of course, on a spiritual level, there is much more at stake. What appear to be our smallest actions in context of eternity hold drastically more value. You may think you’re alone, but at all times there is an audience of angels and God Himself watching to see what you do when you feel you’re not being observed. Ironically, God’s got such a thing for transparency that He even indicates it in the Bible!

Spiritual Tip: They’re all watching you. All of them. They see you, and you can’t escape them. That’s why they flouridate your water and hide behind the mass media. All the smiling faces are part of the secret conspiracy.


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