Philosophy Is Accounted For

As I’ve mentioned in the past, my personal brand of insanity drove me to answer every question ever. Once I realized that every question ever has too many answers and it would take me at least 107 years, I scaled it back to answering every relevant question ever.

Life Tip: Relevant things are stuff like “how not to die” and “how to avoid dying of cancer”. Freud is all about that, but replace all instances of “die” with “sex”.

The relevant questions are a bit easier to sort through, and my site devoted itself to that purpose:

After you’ve gained awareness of what’s going on in and around you, learn to analyze that information. You’ll obviously reach unanswered questions, and that’s where understanding the hereafter can help.

This awareness should lead to learning what happiness is. It starts by learning how to break free from the initial unhappiness and then involves establishing good lifelong habits. One of the most important habits is to forgive and release from the garbage others dish out.

Of course, being happy is the first step to any success, and it will make you more productive. You’ll start by learning how to set proper goals, but then you’ll want to improve your working environment and adapt your routine daily habits. A vital habit is being organized, and the essence of all good productivity involves finding creative answers to problems. One of the greatest tools of all time is the computer, and it’s worth learning shortcuts, especially for Internet browsing, Google products, Apple products and Microsoft Office. If you’re interested in an even more productive experience, there are an array of websites to help with that and you can always tweak the settings to get what you need done.

Happiness is also key for effective money management and it’s very important to do, and cutting out debt and budgeting are part of what it takes to be a millionaire. Learn to spend money more wisely and cut down on costs, then use that freed-up money toward your goals, which may include finding ways to make some extra money. It’s wise to also consider the big money decisions, which include going to college, becoming unemployed, managing your car, getting married, having a baby, buying a housecelebrating holidays, going on vacations and family deaths. Life becomes much easier if you plan ahead, which is the point of investing and insurance, and you will want to teach your kids about money management as well. If you do well, you will be able to retire someday and leave an inheritance.

Of course, money is worthless without staying healthy, and that is most effectively accomplished through sleeping well and keeping your memory sharp. Unfortunately, getting sick and hurt is inevitable, but there are ways to make it easier. In the long-term, you will want to know how to prepare food so that you can more effectively manage your weight to a healthy level.

Becoming personally successful is not as complicated as books say it is, and you can start on it today! It will require changing many parts of your life to get to it, and you will want to give up many times on the way, but you can attain it if you learn how to persevere.

Of course, success alone is depressing, and you’re going to want to share it with others. Learn how to respect others, then start into conversations with strangers. You’ll have to learn all the unspoken rules of society, but you can overcome most of them through being tactful and learning how to be charming. If you succeed enough, you will make friends in doing this. On the way, you’ll encounter liars, conflicts and may even have to worry about legal issues with others. However, by learning to write well, overcome the fear of public speaking and how to teach others, you will affect the masses.

The business world can be scary, but it’s a vital part of society. Accounting is its basis, and it helps to understand the terminology. Marketing is the most familiar part, but most people aren’t aware of how it works, which is why Multi-Level Marketing is so prevalent. All new ideas go through an innovation adoption cycle, and the only way to make a profit on them is through protecting your intellectual properties. Changing jobs working under someone else is challenging, but if you prepare for it and set proper goals, you will be able to craft an image and find leads that can lead to an interview. Successful interviewing will allow you to get a new job, and hopefully you’ll find more opportunities at it than your old one. Alternately, you can go into business for yourself by taking an idea, making a business plan and carrying it out.

All success is personal leadership, but a leader is more than simply a successful person. A person will first learn professional discipline, then will learn to work well with others. Eventually, they will be given the responsibility of making a team and managing it. If they can learn to lead leaders, then they will eventually run organizations.

Of course, all of this doesn’t matter if your personal life is lacking. This is most easily resolved if you maintain a clean home and improve and decorate your house into a home. Though moving can be stressful, there are ways to alleviate that pain as well. If you have a decent home, you can focus more readily on romantic relationships. Finding the right person can lead to marriage, which then often leads to having children. Being a parent is its own art, but it is a temporary one.

Life is dull without having fun, though! Unfortunately, some people don’t even know what fun really is. If you’re bored on the Internet, you have plenty of choices to choose from, and throwing a party is one of the most fun things you can do. By yourself, you can still find some amazing artists that constantly break the rules to make things interesting. If you want more involvement, get a pet or volunteer somewhere. If you need an escape, you can go on a vacation, or you can simply learn how to predict the weather more easily. Eating and drinking itself can be improved, and there are better ways to enjoy alcohol, coffee and tea. Developing a sense of humor is necessary to have fun, and that can be compensated for by learning jokes.


Of course, surviving is important as well, and it helps to understand basic first aid and be prepared for a disaster. You never know when the government will overstep its boundaries, society collapses in on itself or how long it will last.

Life Tip: Collating and categorizing everything ever takes a lot of work. Be sure to set aside a few afternoons for it.

This all has manifested into a nice mission statement for myself and I was able to update what the site even is, now that it’s a past-tense project.

It’s taken a whole day to decompress, since this project has been in limbo for 3.29 years. Once any project goes that long, it’s a bit like sending your son off to college or rehab or whatever.

Success Tip: Rehab is for quitters, and Tony Robbins says to never give up, so Tony Robbins says I shouldn’t give up huffing bleach.

There’s a little reality of life I’d like to share with y’allseses. That reality is about expectations.

Let’s say you grew up in a home where everyone yelled at things and people that annoyed them. Dad yelled at the car, mom yelled at the baby, sister yelled at mom, Aunt Gertrude and Uncle Mort yelled at each other with Italian body language, Grandpa Omar yelled at the TV and nobody in particular and Grandma Hilda was mute so she used really big gloves.

From this, you would conclude that you should yell to get what you want. Unfortunately, most girls don’t take kindly to yelling and most boys will get tired of it. Eventually when your puberty hits you’ll discover that yelling gets you sent to the juvenile hall, prison or the principal’s office, sometimes in that order.


Now, if you’re yeller, then you’ll keep losing out on opportunities from friendships or jobs and won’t get to go to the cool people parties. All the rest of your family concluded that people just suck in general and there’s nothing to do about it, but your youthful naiveté drove you to believe a different answer. That answer was that maybe yelling wasn’t always a good idea.

Life Tip: The most inherently obvious things are the hardest to understand. That’s why they’re so inherently obvious; they trick you into thinking that a moron wouldn’t get it, but then you fall for it when you forget that you’re a moron.

So now you’ve decided to stop yelling. This creates a profound conundrum. Apparently people are still nice to you, but they still give some degree of reservation. What you don’t know yet is that they are rejecting you from your bad breath, poor hygiene, unibrow, mange and how you won’t shut up about your gout.

Friends Tip: If someone like that interests you, just look to your nearest unemployment office. If you can get past the smell, most of them are pretty good at things that humans typically do.

Though others’ eardrums aren’t being offended, they are being offended upon all other body cavities. You may have a fighting chance to make a friend, but the crowd will still walk around you in public places, though they won’t grimace as hard.

The same goes for life goals when you’re dysfunctional. The formula to succeed is pretty straightforward, but the journey is significantly longer than you think it will be and the payout of success will leave you wondering what you missed. You didn’t miss anything; it was just that uninspiringly not that amazing.

There is hope, though. In discovering your success, you gain self-awareness of the myriad problems you didn’t realize you had! You gain the privileged information that you’re worse than you thought you were!

However, you do need to take joy in the successes you do have. Without it, you fixate on everything wrong and continue on the path of negativity that nowhere very fast.

Life Tip: We all kinda suck, but we all don’t want to admit it, so we’re really just delusional. Except you, you don’t suck of course.


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